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Recent news articles, trends and data that point to new solutions for stopping hunger.

What Does Hunger Look Like in Your Neighborhood

For the first time since the start of the recession, the food insecurity rate in Western Washington is below 14%!

Since 2009, the rate fluctuated between 14.2% and 14.5%. Today, new figures* released in Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap study show the percentage of food insecure individuals as 13.8% or 673,000 people. Statewide, the rate is just a little higher at 14.6%, with an additional 344,000 food insecure people.

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Invest in Happy Childhoods

A healthy and happy childhood is one of the greatest gifts you can give. A new initiative in King County proposed by Executive Dow Constantine called “Best Starts for Kids,” will help make healthy, happy childhoods a reality by focusing on three areas of investment: pregnancy and early childhood, school-age children, and healthy and safe communities.

In King County, only 12% of adults and 26% of middle and high school youth consuming recommended levels of nutritious fruits and vegetables, there’s considerable room for improvement. 

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Senate Releases Budget with No Additional Support for Anti-Hunger Programs

The next step of the budget process has come faster than we anticipated. The Washington State Senate released their budget proposal today. Unfortunately, the news is not good: none of our requests were included.

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Fantastic News from Olympia

The Washington State House of Representatives released their budget that includes funding for FOUR key anti-hunger programs.

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What's Up With SNAP?

Thank you for taking action last week to tell the Senate no more cuts to SNAP! Despite your incredible advocacy, the Senate proposed deep cuts to the safety net that could total more than $1 trillion.

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Hunger Is Just One Symptom of Poverty

When people visit a food bank or meal program, food is often not the only thing on their minds. They may also be concerned about how they will pay their rent that month, or pay for gas for the car to get to work.

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Anyone Can Be An Advocate Against Hunger

You know that great feeling of being in a room full of people dedicated to the same cause? For hunger advocates, Monday was that day. Created as a way to help people speak directly to elected officials, Hunger Action Day brought together over 100 passionate advocates from across the state.

Still want to speak out against hunger?

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Nutrition Matters for Everyone

You have probably experienced the impulse to order a pizza, instead of taking the time to cook a meal for you or your family. Choices about food are a constant part of our lives and making healthy ones isn't always easy.

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Fighting Hunger is a Hot Topic in Olympia!

In addition to food bank funding and Breakfast After the Bell, there are a handful of other issues we’re tracking. There are two legislative proposals and two funding proposals:

The “Apple a Day” program – This bill focuses on getting healthier food to students by offering grants for new or improved school kitchen equipment. The grants will be targeted to schools in low-income areas and schools already involved in farm to school efforts.

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State Legislature is in Session!

As Washington lawmakers head into the 2015 legislative session, take a moment to learn more about three important pieces of anti-hunger policy.

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