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Thank You for Helping Evelyn Access Nutritious Food!

It was a few years ago when Evelyn finally took her friend’s advice and made her first trip to North Helpline Food Bank, the Food Lifeline partner located near her Seattle home. As she made her way down the breezeway that led up to the Food Bank’s front door, she wasn’t sure what to expect. What she found pleasantly surprised her.

Within seconds of passing through the door, Evelyn was greeted by friendly volunteers who checked her in and guided her along one of the two food distribution lines. When she was later asked what she liked about the selection of grocery options, her response was short but sincere.

“I love everything,” she said, her voice filled with gratitude.

Before Evelyn began coming to North Helpline, she’d been retired from her career in the healthcare industry for several years. All she had to live on was a small amount of Social Security income and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits she received each month. While she has adult children, it was clear they weren’t in a position to help much, further highlighting the importance of your support.

Like most older adults, Evelyn knew she needed access to a steady supply of vitamin-packed fruits, vegetables, and other household staples to keep up her health. That first visit to North Helpline marked the beginning of a new stage in Evelyn’s life, one that would hopefully mean fewer visits to the doctor’s office as a result of eating too many cheap, processed foods – the only items she could afford on her budget.

Reflecting on the impact you’ve had on her life, Evelyn once again expressed her appreciation for your support through Food Lifeline.

“It helps a lot,” she said. “It helps everybody.” 

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