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Halloween Hunger Hero


For kids, Halloween is right up there with Christmas. Sacks of free candy just for taking a walk through the neighborhood.  What could be better? For the answer to that, just ask Seattle sixth-grader Jackson Huntington.

This year, Jackson had a request for his parents. One that was unusual for any kid with a sweet tooth.

“Because we always get more Halloween candy than we can eat”, said the 12-year-old, “I was thinking I might ask for food instead, and give it to the food bank.”

So armed with a bag - and dressed as Bucky, (the Winter Warrior from the Captain America series) – and pulling a red wagon, Jackson set out into the night in search of food donations.

Before the end of the night, the youngster had collected 107 pounds of food and $7.00 in cash. That’s a lot of food for a little red wagon. But Jackson says it wasn't too hard, until the end.

“I had to pull it up a hill to get to our house. That was pretty tough!” says Jackson.

His parents even had a hard time weighing it. It took his mother on one end and his father on the other.

Jackson and his parents will be donating the food and funds to Food Lifeline agency partners at the Hunger Intervention Program as well as North Helpline Food Bank.

So where does a sixth-grader come up with the idea to pass up a sack of treats in order to feed his hungry neighbors?

Two years ago Jackson’s school, Bryant Elementary, launched the Student Hunger Service Project. The program aimed at helping students on free and reduced lunch with meals and snacks while away from school on weekends and school breaks. The program hosted food drives and assembled take-home meal packs, but it also helped students learn about food insecurity, and how they could help in their community.

“It’s a lesson he never forgot”, says his mom, Leeann.

Jackson is now on to his next challenge, along with the help of his family, he’s competing in Food Lifeline’s Holiday Meal Challenge. He’s hoping to enlist his friends and neighbors in raising $1,000 for Hungry neighbors by the end of the year.

To join their team, visit Hunger Busters of North Seattle or you can donate to Jackson’s page at

Looks like Jackson might need a bigger wagon.

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