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Corporate Spotlight: Sound Community Bank

This month, we are highlighting our partnership with Sound Community Bank, our Food Frenzy 2018 presenting sponsor. Since 2011, Sound Community Bank has rallied as a team each summer to creatively raise funds and volunteer for Food Frenzy. The Sound Community Bank team’s participation has raised nearly $70,000 – enough to provide the equivalent of more than 267,000 meals for our hungry community members across Western Washington.

As the Food Frenzy presenting sponsor for two years running, Sound Communtiy Bank continues to bring spunk, creativity, and deep support to Food Lifeline’s mission to end hunger. Their Food Frenzy efforts include “Orcanado” – filling someone’s office with Orca whales, which is their mascot – traditional bake sales, a breakfast sandwich bar fundraiser, and raffles for overnight stays throughout Puget Sound.

Sound Community Bank President and CEO, Laurie Stewart says, “Food Lifeline is incredibly important. Their support and efforts are key in the communities where we do business – including serving the same rural areas we serve. The lively summertime Food Frenzy competition is something that resonates with our employees because it’s not only fun, we're also making a huge difference with every dollar we raise.”

A huge thank you to Sound Community Bank for helping us prove that Hunger Doesn't Have To Happen! 

Food Frenzy is a spirited summertime competition between local businesses to end hunger with Food Lifeline through creative fundraising, volunteering and team-building activities.  Find out more and join us at



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