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Hunger in the News


(From our President & CEO, Linda Nageotte)

No one wants to be hungry. Hunger robs people of opportunity. Food is a basic need, and everyone deserves enough food to eat. 

Right now in the U.S., our political environment is sharply divided. Many Americans are worried about what will happen to our neighbors who are immigrants and refugees as the new administration advances plans to limit immigration, secure borders and identify undocumented people in our country. Other Americans say they are fearful that open borders, welcoming immigrants and refugees, and providing pathways to citizenship will create change in their communities that they might not want or desire. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the news stories recently reporting that even documented immigrants are choosing to drop their SNAP benefits out of concern that participation might invite unwanted scrutiny of their household. (Read more about that here.) Maybe you heard that at least one food pantry in our region has noted an increased presence of ICE agents, or you’ve heard about the food program manager that was temporarily detained for a minor infraction. All of these reports have been so troubling, and so it’s been especially gratifying to see our hunger relief community raise its collective voice to support feeding ALL people in need.

I can think of no time in our nation’s history when this belief has been more important, and more necessary to stand up for than right now. We know that hungry kids can’t learn. We know that hungry adults can’t be productive at work. We know that hungry seniors get sick more often and stay sick longer. Not just kids who were born here. All kids. Not just adults who were born here. All adults. Not just seniors who speak English as their first language. All seniors.

Regardless of the political point of view any of us holds,
at Food Lifeline, we proudly believe –

  • No one wants to be hungry.
  • Hunger robs people of opportunity.
  • Food is a basic need, and everyone deserves enough food to eat. 

Thank you for your hard work to feed all hungry families every day, and especially right now. I’m proud to work by your side.

Linda Nageotte
President & CEO

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