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Dave's Killer Bread!

What's better than one company donating surplus food to Food Lifeline to fight hunger in Western Washington?

Two companies joining forces to donate surplus, organic food!

Recently, Food Lifeline was the recipient of a generous donation of 20,000 pounds of organic potatoes and 3,000 loaves of Dave’s Killer Bread thanks to Flowers Foods and Cascade Organic Flour!

Flowers Food teamed up with Cascade Organic Flour for this special Thanksgiving donation to Food Lifeline.

Flowers Foods is one the largest national companies producing fresh, packaged bakery foods. The company is headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia and operates bakeries across the country producing a wide range of bakery products. One of their brands is the Northwest's own Dave's Killer Bread, which is the best-selling organic sliced bread in the U.S.

Dave's Killer Bread not only produces popular, organic whole grain and seeded, sliced bread, but it does so with a strong mission focused on the community. Dave's Killer Bread has a deep belief in the power of second chances to transform lives and is committed to affecting positive, lasting change for its employees.

Cascade Organic Flour, also a Northwest company, is a family-owned producer of organic wheat and organic flour in Washington State. Cascade Organic Flour grows and mills its organic wheat near the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River in central Washington; environments that enable them to grow wheat that is consistently high in protein and rich in other key nutrients. 

As Food Lifeline’s Food Procurement Manager Sarah Benner-Kenagy expresses, this type of donation is especially valuable to our agencies, “We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Cascade organic Flour and Dave’s Killer Bread. Their products are high-quality, high-nutrition items that our food banks ask for every day.”

Thank you Flowers Foods and Cascade Organic Flour for your generous holiday donations! Your company values shine through with your support of Food Lifeline. 

Thank you for proving hunger doesn't have to happen!

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