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200 Food Banks, 50 Marathons, 1 Inspiring Woman

Some people run marathons, some people volunteer at food banks, but very few people combine them like Jess Kurti does.

Her goal? Nothing short than volunteering at each of the 200 food banks across the Feeding America network and running a marathon in all 50 states. 

Less than a year into her project, Kurti has already volunteered at over 90 food banks.  Most recently, she completed the Inaugural Suncadia Marathon in Cle Elum, Washington on July 25th. But before heading up to Alaska for another marathon on August 16th, Kurti stopped in Seattle and volunteered at Food Lifeline. 

"Volunteering at a food bank is such an immediate way to do some good," says Kurti. "I love knowing that the food I sort and pack will be out to people in need in just a few short days."

Kurti was inspired to start her challenge because of how she sees hunger as a solvable problem.

"We have more than enough food in this country; it's just a matter of getting it to the right places. There are a lot of issues in society today, but so many of them connect back to hunger," says Kurti. "I want to help more people learn about this issue and how the Feeding America network is making a difference."

Inspired by Kurti, but not ready to take her challenge? Don't worry; there are lots of ways to get involved.

"People can make small tweaks," says Kurti. "It doesn't take a commitment like mine. Find your local food bank and look into how to get involved. There are always lots of small things you can do to help make sure hunger doesn't have to happen."

Want to follow Jess Kurti's journey? 

Check out her Facebook page Beast of Burden Challenge 

Watch this video of Jess Kurti volunteering at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank 

Read this blog post about Jess Kurti volunteering at the Vermont Food Bank

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