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Food Sourcing: Getting More Produce

For the second time this year, our member food banks and meal programs gathered together for a regional workshop. Our network of 275 food banks, meal programs, and shelters operate all over Western Washington, so we were excited by the chance to meet with many of the agencies from Kitsap, Mason, Clallam and Jefferson Counties.

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Cooking Matters Online

Looking for some new recipes to liven up your distribution and inspire your clients? Interested in sharing tips with clients about ways to save money at the grocery store? Cooking Matters® has a great online library of recipes, tips, and videos.

Check out their recipes at http://cookingmatters.org/recipes. You can filter or sort your search by cooking times, diabetes-friendly, kid-approved, and other helpful categories.

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A Food Bank Summit

Our member food banks, meal programs, and shelters are the foundation for so much of Food Lifeline’s work. Scattered across Western Washington, these programs work hard every day to make sure people in your neighborhood get the food or meal they need. In fact, 35% of our member agencies are staffed entirely by volunteers!

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Young Gardeners Partner with Ferndale Food Bank

Several young gardeners have banded together as “Sustainable, Healthy, Informational, Friendships,” or SHIFT, to grow and donate nutritious, organic produce to the Ferndale Food Bank in Whatcom County. Over the recent Memorial Day Weekend, Elizabeth Hand, Ryan England, and Kevin Rietveld made their first delivery to the food bank: 40 pounds of fresh, organic lettuce and spinach. After their delivery, these generous young farmers headed back to their fields to plant more crops!

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Meet New Programs Manager at North Helpline

Tim Orth joined North Helpline in April as Programs Manager. He’s worked with North Helpline before several years ago, and most recently worked as a Development Officer at Centerstone. Please join us in welcoming him to our agency network, and learn a bit more about him.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had so far in your new role?

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Healthy Food Bank Hub

Did you know that Feeding America has an online Healthy Food Bank Hub, developed in partnership with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the National Dairy Council? The Healthy Food Bank Hub supports efforts of food banks and meal programs like you to increase client access to healthful foods, and promote nutrition and wellness in our communities.

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Meet New Manager at Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank

John Rittenhouse just joined Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank as its Food and Clothing Bank Manager. Please join us in welcoming him to the food banking world, and learn more about his motivation for getting into the field, some experiences he’s had so far on the job, and his goals for the future.

Why did you decide to get into the non-profit field after years at Microsoft?

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New Mural at Port Angeles Food Bank

Port Angeles Food Bank and local artist Jimbo Cutler partnered together to create a beautiful new mural for the food bank’s distribution area (Cutler pictured). Instead of facing a long, blank wall while picking up food, clients can now view this 86-foot piece of art that depicts “the life of vegetables,” from garden to soup pot. Food Bank Executive Director Jessica Hernandez says that this mural is one step toward making the food bank more welcoming to customers who “are not exactly happy to be here to ask for help.”

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Food Lifeline 101 on 2/27/15

Join us for our first Food Lifeline 101 session on Friday, February 27, from 11-12:30 at our Seattle location (4011 6th Ave S). This quarterly training will go over the basics of Food Lifeline, such as ordering, reporting, and overviews of our programs. It’s perfect for new staff and volunteers at your agency, or for anyone else who’d like a refresher.

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February 15 Deadline for Affordable Care Act Health Insurance

The open enrollment period for 2015 health insurance coverage provided under the Affordable Care Act ends February 15. Entering the second enrollment period, there are millions of people who still need access to affordable health insurance, as well as 7.3 million people who enrolled during the first enrollment period that need to re-enroll.

As agencies providing support for our communities’ neediest populations, you can play a vital role in improving your clients’ access to affordable health insurance.

For more information and resources:

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