Board of Directors

Stuart Holmes

Member at Large
Charlie's Produce

Stuart Holmes is a Washington native who has lived here most all of his life. Stuart has made a career within the food industry, having worked both in the hospitality industry as a culinarian and Chef as well as on the food supply chain side. Stuart began working at Charlie’s produce in 1990 and has held positions in sales, sales management, division management and is currently enjoying his role as President, working with several different divisions of Charlies produce. Charlie’s has warehousing and distribution facility locations in Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, Spokane and Los Angeles. Charlie’s also operates a fresh food processing facility in Seattle. He has over 26 years of wholesale food acquisition, warehousing and distribution experience. Stuart is based out of the Seattle corporate headquarters office.

He also serves on boards for the Washington Food Industry Association and United Fresh Produce Association.

Stuart is passionate about food, community and the quality of life we enjoy here in the Pacific NW. “Besides air and water, food is the next key element to sustain life. It’s amazing to me that in this bountiful and prosperous region that so many people are living in need of food, but the need is real!”

Other Members at Large

Suzanne Daly

Member at Large
Vice President Payer Contracting

Mike Wittman

Member at Large

Adam LeMieux

Member at Large
Representative Rick Larsen
District Director